Jupiter Jones is a man obsessed with proving Fra N. wrong. Jones sends Fra N. messages that are full of the greatest Hebrew errors known to man and expects Fra N. to bow down to his folly.

The following is a dramatic performance and dialogue between these two rivels. Emails shall be exchanged. Swords will be drawn. It is a duel at dawn. It is a red day, a day of battle, a day of valor. On one side there is Jupiter Jones, the evil magician and Black Brother who stands to oppose Fra N. On the other side there is the Hero of our story, Frater Nothing. In shining battle array stands Fra N., a champion and rightful king to the land.

Who will win? WILL Frater Nothing defeat the dark magician, Jupiter Jones? WILL Frater Nothing be able to defeat the foe, even against such insurmountable odds? We will find out tomarrow: same Not time, same Not channel.